Lucene 6.0 目录结构和功能模块


  • backward-codecs: Codecs for older versions of Lucene.
  • benchmark: System for benchmarking Lucene
  • classification: Classification module for Lucene
  • codecs: Lucene codecs and postings formats.
  • demo: Simple example code
  • expressions: Dynamically computed values to sort/facet/search on based on a pluggable grammar.
  • facet: Faceted indexing and search capabilities
  • grouping: Collectors for grouping search results.
  • highlighter: Highlights search keywords in results
  • join: Index-time and Query-time joins for normalized content
  • memory: Single-document in-memory index implementation
  • misc: Index tools and other miscellaneous code
  • queries: Filters and Queries that add to core Lucene
  • queryparser: Query parsers and parsing framework
  • replicator: Files replication utility
  • sandbox: Various third party contributions and new ideas
  • spatial: Geospatial search
  • spatial3d: 3D spatial planar geometry APIs
  • spatial-extras: Geospatial search
  • suggest: Auto-suggest and Spellchecking support
  • test-framework: Framework for testing Lucene-based applications